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(*) Free Incoming Calls

Rental Phones are delivered with:
> Advance number distribution: Your number will be provided upon signature of rental agreement.
> User guide.
> 2 rechargeable high capacity batteries.
> International travel charger and plug adapters.
> Cig cord adaptor upon request.
> Carry case.

Phone rental services includes:
> Worldwide customer support.
> Free itemized billing.
> Personal account management.

Rental rate $ 19 / week
$ 29 / 2 weeks
$ 49 / month
Incoming calls $ 0,10
Outgoing $ 0,99 (anywhere)
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Insurance (optional)

$1.90 /day

Roundtrip Shipping

$25 each way

APR also offers local numbers in some countries, where you can have FREE INCOMING CALLS. Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.

  Note: Anywhere Phone Rental
can also offer you local phone numbers for particular countries.
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